Welcome to the Minyanka meeting hall!

Welcome to the Minyanka meeting hall! When you enter here, you will find rooms for God's Word, Books, Videos, and Bible stories.

On entering the Literacy room, you find our Alphabet sheet, Minyanka Primers, and an Alphabet video.

On entering the Book room, you find Folktales, Proverbs, and other books all in Minyanka.

On entering the Dictionnary room, you find everything dealing with our dictionary including how to pronounce the Malian money in Minyanka, and also how to pronounce big numbers.

On entering the room of God's Word, you find the New Testament, several Old Testament books all in Minyanka, plus Literacy courses focusing on the Bible, Who is Jesus? Dealing with Trauma, and other Bible helps. It also has a downloadable Bible APP for your Android phone or tablet.

On entering the Audio & Video room, you find the Jesus film, the whole audio New Testament in Minyanka, Radio broadcasts, Radio Plays, and children Bible story videos.

May God help us!